Mr England 2017/ 2018 – Jack Eyers

Mr England 2017 & 2018 is Jack Eyers.

The current Mr England, Jack Eyers, was scouted for the competition at the NEC clothes show.

Aged 16, Jack had elective surgery to amputate his leg above the knee, because of a condition he has had since birth. Before his amputation, Jack considered himself as disabled and restricted by his condition. However, Jack says since his amputation, his so-called ‘disability’ has actually opened many doors and for him and he has proudly take every opportunity that comes his way to prove that his loss of limb does not hold him back in any way.

Jack has worked in the fitness industry for the last 7 years; working alongside clients (both able-bodied and less-so) inspiring and encouraging them to reach their personal goals. Jack has a theory that when you have an amputation (or any life-changing operation) you are reborn. Like a child, you need to start from scratch; learning how to walk, climb and balance. Jack believes  best way to practice this and develop your motor skills is through challenging your perceived ‘comfort zone’ using exercise and sport.

Now as Mr England Jack plans to take his career to a new level, by combining his personal training skills with his passion for adventure, sport and fitness. Jack has an ambition to set-up ‘embrace the challenge rehab workshops’ that focus on opportunities to learn from and connect with others by taking part in physical challenges and being inspired to change negative mind-sets. Over the past 10 years Jack has been on a journey of self-discovery, he has put himself out there time and time again and learnt to take risks and push himself; ‘embrace the challenge rehab workshops’ would be Jacks opportunity to develop a package and programmes for people to follow and support them on their own personal discovery journey.

Jack will represent England at Mr World in 2018.


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