Mr England is held every two years to find the nation’s ONLY entry to Mr World.
Mr England will compete for the coveted Mr World title battling it out against competitors from all over the world. On August 23rd 2019 , Jack Heslewood who was origionally the runner up in Mr England 2017 WON Mr World 2019 in Manila in the Philippinnes .  This is the first time England has won the title . Jack Eyers the origional winner couldnt particpate in the international final due to his Paralympic training which is why Jack H went in his place . 

Mr England is not a body building contest but having a physique helps ! . Its the search for the “Worlds Most Desirable Man” which means kindness from inside and good looks  . We are searching for men who have a great personality, charitable and well educated and are keen on getting involved with further charity events and somebody that will represent their country well at national and international events such as Mr World.

Mr England is not a full time job at all more of a hobby with the occassion appearance but commitment during your free time is requested sometimes and time out for the international final which takes place every 2-3 years . 

Prizes for winning Mr England include a package of vouchers, photo calls and an overseas vacation. The will also automatically gain entry as England’s representative to the Mr World competition which takes place every two years to coincide with the length of the Mr England reign.

If you feel you have what it takes to be the next Mr England, apply here today!


The Mr England competition is the most respected male pageant title in England. It is the only competition in the country to send its winner to represent England in the Mr World Competition.
The organisers are noted for emphasising the importance of charity work now a major part of the competition at regional heat level and national finals. During the last three years, the Mr and Miss England competition alone has raised in excess of £1,000,000 for various children’s charities using the Miss World’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ slogan founded by Julia Morley, now a charity that aims to help disadvantaged children across the world. Mr England is a regular supporter of the Variety Club Children’s charity having raised thousands of pounds at Mr England heat level and Mr England himself appearing at high profile events organised by the charity.

Along with taking part in the traditional catwalk style contest, Mr England contestants are invited to arrange sponsored gifts to be donated to charity, sports round, intelligence round & submit a video of their talent for the Mr England Talent round.

You can view the videos here; Mr England Talent Videos

As mentioned, the Mr England winner will be actively involved in charity events. A main part of the competition is to raise funds for Mr World’s charity . From area heats to the national final, contestants are given the challenge of raising funds in their own area, often with a prize for the top fundraiser. The current Mr England, Chris Bramell, raised thousands of pounds in his local heat leading in to the national final.

At the national final contestants are invited to take part in a sports round to find the fittest man in the contest. The sports round will include INSERT DETAILS

This is your chance to show us how talented you are! Contestants are invited to submit a video of themselves performing their talent. Lisa Powell the Mr England choreographer and Angie Beasley the director usually select ten finalists to perform at the finals from all of the video entries. Talents can range anything from singing to horse riding. Past entries have included fire breathing, cooking and acting.

This is a new award to the competition created by Kirsty Heslewood – Winner of Miss England 2013 who also won the Miss United Kingdom crown at the Miss World Final. This round shows that Mr England isn’t just a pretty face, it’s to show how intellectual our contestants really are!

The public can vote for their favourite contestant, by phone or text.


About the director of Mr England Limited

“Angie Beasley” a former model and beauty queen who has organised hundreds of regional and national competitions on behalf of Miss/ Mr World since 1988 is the director of Miss England and Mr England Limited.

Events organised by Angie include – Miss & MR UK in the 1990s, Miss Wales, Miss Scotland and since 2002 has run the Miss England competition exclusively from the website which she created A dedicated organiser, Angie has worked tirelessly promoting the competition in this country for many years and truly believes in the Miss and Mr World brand. In 2011 she released her own biography published by “Penguin” about her journey through life and her beauty queen years cumulating in becoming the director of Miss England. The book called “The Frog Princess” is available in WH Smiths, Amazon and all major retailers.
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