Mr England 2017/ 2018 – Jack Eyers

On Friday 14th July 2017 Jack Eyers became the first Amputee to win the title “Mr. England”.

Two days later, Jack appeared on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live who followed his journey through the competition.

Since his win, Jack who represented Dorset has appeared in media throughout the world both online and in print.

Read Jack’s Story here in The Telegraph, The Metro and The Independent

and see Jack’s interview with the BBC Sunday Morning Live

Jack sadly wasnt free to attend the Mr World final , so Jack Heslewood , the first runner up in Mr England 2017 went on his behalf and WON MR WORLD ! 

“My ambition is to be a full-time athlete by 2020, “ said Jack Eyers who travelled to Russia before going off to Sri Lanka in November 2018. 

 Envoy London invited Jack and the two runners up on a trip to Sri Lanka in November to Hameedia House by the owner of the brand Mr Fouzul Hameed to model for the brand.

Jacks Bio in his own words

My Mr England journey began in 2016 when I was at the NEC clothes show representing Models of Diversity giving a motivational talk and Q&A with Caryn Franklin about body confidence. Moments after this I was approached by two Miss England talent spotters saying they are looking for the next Mr England and I should apply… at the time I didn’t think anything of it, little did I know where it would lead a year down the line…..

About me: when I was 16, I had elective surgery to amputate my leg above the knee, because of a condition I have had since birth. Before my amputation, I considered myself as disabled and restricted by my condition. However, since my amputation, my so-called ‘disability’ has actually opened many doors and I proudly take every opportunity that comes my way to prove that my loss of limb does not hold me back in any way. The path to recovery was hard and painful, but I could never have imagined the world of new possibilities that lay ahead; I now live life to the full.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I struggled with confidence and feeling different. Growing up I didn’t have a role model or anyone to aspire to that looked like me, I want to change this for the young people living with a disability today. Now I have learned to embrace my disability and accept it as part of me.

Over the last 10 years, I have built a large following on social media, where I have become an inspiration and role model for other amputees and less-abled people across the world. Some of my media successes to date include making a fitness YouTube video that went viral with more than a quarter of a million views, being the first amputee to take to the catwalk for New York’s fashion week, featuring on UK Ninja Warrior breaking barriers and changing the perception of ‘disability’, and I was featured on Men’s Health as a cover model.

I have worked in the fitness industry for the last 7 years; working alongside clients (both able-bodied and less-so) inspiring and encouraging them to reach their personal goals. I have a theory that when you have an amputation (or any life-changing operation) you are reborn. Like I child, you need to start from scratch; learning how to walk, climb and balance. The best way to practice this and develop your motor skills is through challenging your perceived ‘comfort zone’ using exercise and sport.

Now as Mr England I plan to take my career to a new level, by combining my personal training skills with my passion for adventure, sport, and fitness. I have an ambition to set-up ‘embrace the challenge rehab workshops’ that focus on opportunities to learn from and connect with others by taking part in physical challenges and being inspired to change negative mindsets. Over the past 10 years I have been on a journey of self-discovery, I have put myself out there time and time again and learnt to take risks and push myself; ‘embrace the challenge rehab workshops’ would be my opportunity to develop a package and programmes for people to follow and support them on their own personal discovery journey.

You could say that I am a real life terminator on a one-man mission to challenge perceptions of disability. I’m an amputee and proud of it. I don’t let my disability stop me from achieving anything, in fact, I use to my advantage and I want to inspire others to do the same.

 As the face of Mr England I would use this position to empower other disabled people to live life to the full and seize opportunities, I would also challenge the perceptions of disability in the media by being positive role model.

But it’s not all about disability. I believe I’m a positive role model for all young people and being Mr England would give me the perfect platform to really show how diverse this country really is. As a personal trainer, I’m passionate about promoting health and fitness for mental wellbeing the ‘feel good factor’. I believe a physical challenge can help recovery from anything by pushing comfort zones and gaining a sense of achievement.

As Mr England I would like to work with Charities that share my values of fostering self-belief, driving equality and portraying a positive body image. Ultimately, in life, I want to be as successful as any able body person working in my field.

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